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Six Bow Vineyard wines entered in 2012 Winemaker Magazine competition:

    We entered our four 2010 harvest varietals, our 2008 Frontenac and our 2009 blend of St Croix and Frontenac in what is the largest amateur wine makers competition in the world.  Results were announced at Winemakers Magazines annual conference which this year was held June 20-22, 2012 at Cornell University. 


We attended that conference and probably shouldn't have imagined coming home with any awards...See the News and Events page for our surprise!

Over forty four hundred entries in 50 wine categories were submitted from 8 European countries, Canada and all fifty US states.

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Scenes from Bow Vineyard: New Growth Spring 2015
Marquette Grapes ready to go!
Bob Stevens, Bow owner and winemaker accepted invitation to judge the 2012 Winemaker Magazine worldwide wine competition.  Judging of the 4400 entries by the 50 international judges panel was held in April at the Equinox Resort in Manchester, Vermont.  Results were announced in June.  See News and Events page!
Revolution in Cold Climate Winemaking! -- Cold Hardy Hybrids

At Bow Vineyard, we are growing four varieties of grapes that were developed by the University of Minnesota over the last ten or twelve years, called Cold Hardy Hybrids.  They are real breakthrough developments in that they are high quality wine grapes that are now able to withstand our cold temperatures in the northern climates.  Our four varieties  can handle 30-40 degrees below zero and live to produce excellent quality grapes and really superb wines never before possible in this climate.

Our three red grapes are Marquette, St. Croix and Frontenac and our white is Lacrescent.

These new grapes and their wines are getting rave reviews with their unique flavor components.  

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